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I am a dance major in college.  I have been dancing since age 5 and am now 21.  Through the years of strenuous long hours on my feet and dance movements I ended up with bulging disks in my back creating horrible pain.  I would be in tears at night from pain.

My friend mentioned to me to check out Inspired Body Therapy and see if Myofascial Release would help me.  I was Amazed at the improvements in my posture and my pain relief after a few sessions of Myofascial Release.  They taught me many different self help techniques for me to do at home or when I feel tightness.  This has helped me tremendously in my personal life and my professional life as a dancer.  I can’t imagine what I would be like if I hadn’t found Rick and Judy to help me… and teach me how to take care of myself to keep my body in harmony.  I am enjoying what I do again!!

— Kayla M. Grain Valley, MO

For almost a year I had content hip pain and numbness going down my leg.  This pain and numbness kept me from what I love to do which is golf and go on road trips.  I had seen many different therapist and doctors throughout the year for pain relief.  I was looking on line one day and found information on Myofascial Release.  I searched to find a local therapist and found Inspired Body Therapy in Lee’s Summit.  After a couple of Myofascial Release sessions I had “No” pain and only a little numbness in my toes.  I then tried to play Golf again and was able to do so without any pain!   I am so grateful for the pain relief that they have helped me with.  I am now back to golf and road trips!!!

— Lori S. Lee’s Summit, MO

In 2010 I was having discomfort and pain in my neck and not knowing why I went to my physician and was told I must have injured it in some way, he prescribed physical therapy and I was told that would help, after doing 2 rounds of therapy and actually having more discomfort after that my physician wanted a MRI of my neck and then to see another doctor that reported the MRI showed that I had a bone spur on my neck that was causing my pain and was told that I needed surgery to relieve the pain, not feeling good about that answer I came home discouraged. I had a relative that had problems with his back and hips and had found great relief with Myofascial Release. I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of a surgery so I decided to at least give MFR a try. I’m so glad I made that decision. My neck pain was relieved after a few sessions and I no longer suffer from neck pain. I have continued to have MFR in my life because of the benefits of how my body feels afterwards. I can’t explain it but I know it works!!

— Cathy C. Lone Jack, Mo.