Frequently Asked Questions

What is Myofascial Release treatment like?

We treat the Whole Body so we use a “Hands-on Approach”.  It is safe and gentle.  We place our hands on the areas we see or feel a drag and gently connect in with the connective tissue to create a melting effect, therefore, releasing the fascial restriction.

What do I wear?

We encourage men to wear loose-fitting shorts or underwear and Woman to wear loose-fitting shorts or underwear along with a sports bra or bra.  The more we are able to see and touch the surface the easier it is to get results.

Do I need a prescription?  Do you take insurance?

If you want to turn it into your insurance you will need a Physical Therapy order from your physician for Evaluate and Treat.  (make note we do not turn into insurance, however, we can give you the codes and information to turn it in yourself)

Does Medicare/Medicaid cover these expenses?

We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.  We are not a Medicare provider, therefore, you will not be able to turn it into them for reimbursement.

Should I take my pain medicine?

Yes, take it as it is directed from your physician.  You do not need to go without pain medicine to receive treatment.

What if I am hurting too much for therapy?

Usually, that is the time to come in.  Your body gets used to a holding pattern, when disturbed with therapy you may feel an increase in pain.  This is a good time for more therapy as we encourage a new holding pattern for your body to have and ultimately decrease pain, increase range of motion.

What should I feel?

Sometimes you may feel relaxed, other times you may feel pain shift around.  We encourage therapeutic pain where it may hurt but feel a “feel good” type of pain when we are working on you.  We encourage you to listen to your body.

How long will it take before I feel better?

It varies upon each person, trauma and how long you have lived with the problem.  Sometimes it takes one visit, and other times it takes multiple visits to get through the layers and your bodies response to new holding patterns.  Usually, you will know within one to three visits if it is helping your particular situation.