About Holistic Physical Therapy

physical-therapy-lees-summitHolistic Physical Therapy helps people regain functional abilities by relieving pain, improving motion, and strengthening or retraining. It can use a variety of methods and techniques to accomplish these goals.

Techniques performed by a physical therapist when done for therapeutic purposes become “Physical Therapy”. Whether it is Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Kinesiotaping, instructing in Therapeutic exercise or educating patients.

Our Focus

Here at Inspired Body Therapy, we focus our physical therapy exercises on allowing you to be able to take care of yourself. This mainly consists of stretching exercises taught with the myofascial principles to continue with the work that we begin in the treatment rooms. Self-treatment is critical to helping your body through the changes we are starting with the myofascial release techniques.

Strengthening exercises and functional activities and exercise recommendations can also be made to help in your recovery. As your body awakens and is more mobile stability exercises can help integrate the changes and use your muscles more effectively.

We can make recommendations for home equipment items that can help with your pain relief and exercise activities. The foam roll and a 4” yellow ball are beginning tools.

Rick’s educational background from physical therapy school and his many courses continuing his education in therapeutic exercise techniques provide a wide range of activities he can utilize to help you recover.

Rick has worked in all types of therapy settings over his many years and with all different types of the equipment available from computerized isokinetic testing units to weight machines, conditioning equipment, therapy balls, free weights, theraband, and the electrical modalities.